Idea 4.0.1 and Mandrake 10 slow parsing of jar


I have just migrate my working station to mandrake 10.
Idea 4.0.1(build 1178) works fine on it but for one very annoying thing.

Each time Idea parse a jar for a new librarie it takes a very long time. (for instance when I reopened a project for the first time, it reparsed every defined libraries) and it took more than 10 minutes.
It usually takes a snap. (even under XP)

I have read in this forum about some issue with kernel 2.6 but so far I had never encountered them with release candidate of Mandrake 10.
Furthermore, the jar are effectively copied in the IDEA system directory.

Has anyone encountered this behavior? Is it a known bug (from Java, Idea...) is there a solution I have to seen in this forum?

Thank you for your help


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This is not a bug, this is a feature. The first time you use a library, IDEA will copy it to an internal cache (so not to lock the original file) and parse it so code completion is way faster after that.

The issue with kernel 2.6 you've heard it's about the first part: jar copying. Some internal calls changed with 2.6 and broke IDEA jar copying internals. You should disable jar copying under kernel 2.6: edit your and/or idea.lax file and add the "-Didea.jars.nocopy=true" JVM option.

About the jar parsing being too slow... what kind of machine are you using? I'm on a shabby Celeron 833 and parsing the entire JDK takes just a bit more than a minute -- and this is done only once; the next time I open the project IDEA won't parse everything again.

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Hello and thank you for your explanation.

I agree with the fact that this feature takes some time the first time you define a JDK or a new Library. But in my situation it really takes more time than usually. And the popup with the progress bar flick a lot.
I have an athlon 2600 and IDEA was working very well with mandrake 9.2

It really have something to do with this new Mandrake.

I have also noticed that deactivating Local History restore my previous performance during this process.

Any plan to solve this issue?


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