Modules, libraries, Ant, and creating a distribution.


I've been a long time user of IDEA now, and recently upgraded to 4.0. I'd been a member of the EAP but due to some life changes I didn't have time to keep up with the EAP when the new module format came out (somewhere around build 940 or so?).

Now that I'm on 1177, I'm getting back into programming with IDEA again, and I've got a pretty interesting problem that has to do with creating a distribution.

IDEA doesn't create .jar files or application distributions, so I have to use Ant. That's fine; I've got a pretty comprehensive build script to do so. However, with the new module format there is an extreme attraction for me to create "global" libraries that are shared among all my projects.

If I do that, however, my "lib" directory in any of my projects becomes somewhat limited. I usually create a "lib" directory to hold all of the third-party .jar files required. When I create a distribution, my Ant script automatically copies the contents of this "lib" directory into my "dist/lib" directory. But if I am using global libraries, those .jar files aren't stored in the "lib" directory anymore.

Can anyone suggest a solution for how Ant can cope with global libraries, and properly create a releasable distribution of an application, complete with all the required libraries?

Thanks very much.

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