Hibernate: want to genernate .hbm from .java (Idea9)


I'm learning sprint/hibernate and I'm hoping IDEA 9 can do everything I want.

I've successfully generated .hbm files from an existing database (configure the datasource... select "Generate Persistence Mapping" -> "By Database Schema").

i.e. database -> .hbm

If I wanted to do this in reverse, is there a way to start with my POJO and generate the hbm and the database from the java source ?

i.e. .java -> .hbm -> database

Appreciate any tips!


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I dont think I am incorrect in saying this but that feature does not seem to be something that is possibly doable in Intellij. I have done the same in JDeveloper however that is a different IDE and thus not pertinent to your question I reckon.

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Ok thanks. I'm disappointed that there isn't a plugin for this.

I'll have a look at XDoclet instead.


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