Idea9 can't get issue from YouTrack

I want use YouTrack in my project. I imported issue from Jira. But now Idea can't load isue from yourTrack.
I set correct url to YouTrack, login and password. Connection tested successfully.
I have next URL to the Issue  homepc:9080/youtrack/issue/VIPA-34
when I try to open an VIPA-34 issue I have a message
Issue VIPA-34 not found.
May be i need some configuration of YouTrack? But I haven't seen any documentation about it.
What should I do?

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Your server url in configuration should be http://homepc:9080/youtrack.
Then go to Open Task dialog (Tools -> Task) and enter your issue id
(VIPA-34) or choose it from completion popup.

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Yes, I set the url like http://homepc:9080/youtrack and http://homepc:9080/youtrack/  test connection was ok. But issue can't be found That's why i asking about YouTrack configaration

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with XXXX replaced by your username in browser.

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If i print url at all like
I have 404 error. But if I print only
I have list of all task for me. It seems to be a bug )))
If I print Url like
It's ok.
But now I can't login from IDEA to YouTrack. Request are comming but I can't login via IDEA. Password is correct - it containes only numbers


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