Error running Tomcat: Unable to open debugger port : "socket closed"

Here is my error: Error running Tomcat: Unable to open debugger port : "socket closed"

I am using the same configuration as my previos IDEA version (8.1.4) but I cannot get tomcat to debug in the new version (9.0). As far as I can tell through going back and forth looking at the differences, the only thing I see is that the older version uses facets and the newer version uses artifacts. I can use the run and debug features in the old version just fine. I can run tomcat outside of the IDEA just fine. I can even use the run feature in the latest IDEA version, but I cannot use debug. I have tried using different port numbers, but that has not helped. Any Advice?

JDK: 1.4.2
Tomcat: 5.x

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Switching the jdk version to 1.5.x solves the problem. I am not sure exactly why it solves the problem, but we are in the process of upgrading to 1.6 from 1.4 so I will just run using jdk 1.5 from now on. If anyone can explain why 1.5 works and 1.4 doesn't I would be happy to know. IDEA 8.1.4 was able to use jdk 1.4 when debugging just fine. Anyway, thanks for any info.


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