IDEA 9: Sporadic connection failures with svn server

I'm trying to use the SVN Repository Browser in IDEA9 Community Edition with an Apache+Subversion server on Linux. I'm accessing it through an http URL, e.g. It's configured to allow anonymous access for read operations but any operation which modifies the repo requires Active Directory authentication.

The problem I'm experiencing is that I am getting error messages appearing in the repo tree. There seem to be only two different messages displayed:

svn: Software caused connection abort: socket write error

svn: Software caused connection abort: recv failed

However, sometimes it works and the level of tree I was trying to load does actually load. Then the next attempt will fail with one of these messages. There are no error messages in idea.log.

I am able to use TortoiseSVN with the same repo without any errors.

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I also don't have this problem using IDEA 7.0.4, using the updated svn4idea plugin from


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