How do I add a file to svn ?

I manage my svn project through Intellij.

When I change something I can later commit them. If I add a file throguh Intellij then that's automatically added to the subversion on commit.

But when I add a new file, such an image externally (that is, outside intellij) I have hard time figuring out how to commit those files.

Is it possible to detect what files that are not in the list of files that are versioned and add those?

Latley I have been playing with lots of images and files and can't do this manually, file by file.. I will just miss something.

So, how do I achieve this with Intellij ? ( I am using 7.04 )

Thanks / Moe

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Phew, I don't exactly remember version 7.
In recent version (starting at 8?) there is a "Changes" toolwindow (Alt-F9) with a tree node "Unversioned Files" that you can expand. You can then add files by selecting them and using the context menu.
Something similar is definitely available in earlier versions, too. I faintly remember a dialog (on commit?) that has filters for different file statuses. Sorry to say, but using the integrated help is probably your best option.


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