auto complete doesn't work in evaluate expression in 4.0

In the debug mode, a valid reference name is typed in evaluate expression windows. After I typed ".", I didn't see the pop up window for code complete. Why?


Are you at the breakpoint? What is the type of a reference?


Yes. I am in breakpoint.

It is a Panel reference.
But I figured out that after hit "Ctrl-space", the auto complete is popping up. It should do like that after delaying sometime, just like in editing, right?


Yes, it should in most cases. When you're not at thre breakpoint completition context is unknown, it's impossible to find out the type of a reference you're trying to complete. The other situation is that the reference have unknown type because of absen debug information in class file.

Does the completition not work for all references?
Can you evaluate the reference you're trying to autocomplete?


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