Basic Ant Creation Doesn't Work in IDEA 9

I tried to create an Ant Build from a simple test project in IDEA 9.

However, when I tried to run the automatically-generated script, there were two lines that didn't work:

<taskdef name="javac2" classname="com.intellij.ant.Javac2" classpathref="javac2.classpath"/>
<taskdef name="instrumentIdeaExtensions" classname="com.intellij.ant.InstrumentIdeaExtensions" classpathref="javac2.classpath"/>

(None of the generated Ant tasks would run because of this...)

The only location of javac2.jar is at:



At the top of the generated ant script, IDEA put:

<property name="javac2.home" value="${idea.home}/lib"/>

but...none of these directories exist.

What am I missing?

I'm confused why IDEA 9 would generate a script without making sure all the directories and files are correctly in place (or automatically download and install them if they're not.)

Look forward to any replies.


-- M

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