How do you remove module from project only?

In 9 the default behaviour is to remove all files and if those files are in CVS it defaults to offer to delete them from CVS too.

Given the previous behaviour was to only remove the module from the project this is a pretty significant change in behaviour
and a potentially destructive one.

I prefer the previous behaviour so how is it possible to get 9 to do that?

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Open the Project Structure (via menu FIle -> Project Structure, by keyboard sequence ctrl+alt+shift+S, or via the Project Structure button on the main toolbar). On the left of the "Project Structure" dialog, select "Modules" under "Project Settings" on the left. Select the module and click the minus button or hit the "delete" key on your keyboard.

Files are only deleted if you delete from the "Project" tool window. The "Project" tool window operates on your project's underlying files. The "Project Structure" dialog affects your project's configuration, along with some setting in the standard "Settings" dialog.


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