Is it possible to edit Groovy scripts (not applications) ?

I use groovy for scripting, not creating full applications. I'm currently using Notepad++, but looking for a syntax-aware IDE.

From the IDE, I would like to simply open a Groovy file, edit it and run it. I have no need for workspaces, projects etc. I just want to edit the script at hand.

Can this be done with IntelliJ IDEA? I downloaded the community edition, but it is not obvious whether this is supported or not.
I can't find a tutorial that shows me how to edit an existing Groovy script.
Even jumps right in the middle.
It seems that you need to create a project first, and then create the script in the context of the project.

Why is this an issue? Because the scripts I am editing are in an existing directory structure. It is not desireable to clutter this structure with IDE-related files.
I hope there is a way to use IDEA in this situation.

Thanks for your suggestions and advice!


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Unfortunately IDEA needs to have a project with some source directories.
  But the project files need not lie in the same place, they can be
anywhere on your disk. The project setup then determines where your
sources and the Groovy distribution is. Just try creating a new project
in IDEA, everything should become clear in the wizard.


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