HTTP 400 Bad Request

I had my web project running ok in an earlier version of IntelliJ. Now I am trying to get it running on build #1131.
I have created a Web Module and added all that I think it needs. When it runs I get the 'Starting service Tomcat-Standalone' message, then the list of Struts Actions found, then the two ActionServlet.addServletMapping calls.
This all looks normal.
But in IE when I go to http://localhost:8080/ I get HTTP 400 - Bad Request, in Netscape I get a dialog box saying no data returned. I just want my homepage to appear.
I have looked at the Tomcat logs in, for example,
but it all looks ok to me.

Any ideas about which settings in the IDE could be causing this no data to be returned?
Any way of looking at the http headers created by Tomcat/IntelliJ ?

Stephen Chalkley.

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I'm having the same problem on build 1159.
I've never tried it from within Idea before, but it works fine outside of the IDE.

It would be great if someone had some suggestions to help us out.


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