you need Air SDK

Alexey Vashchenkov wrote:


I tried to compile simple air application but I have en error.

 Information:d:\programming\java\jetbrains\intellij idea 9.0m1\jre\jre/bin/java.exe -Dapplication.home=D:/programming/flex/Adobe/Flex Builder 3/sdks/3.3 -Xmx384m -Dsun.io.useCanonCaches=false -Duser.language=en -Duser.region=en -classpath D:\programming\Java\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA 9.0M1/plugins/flex
> /lib/idea-fcsh-fix.jar;D:/programming/flex/Adobe/Flex Builder 3/sdks/3.3/lib/fcsh.jar com.intellij.flex.FcshLauncher
> Information:Adobe Flex Compiler SHell (fcsh)
> Information:Version 3.3.0 build 4852
> Information:Copyright (c) 2004-2007 Adobe Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
> Information:mxmlc -load-config+=Admin_temp_flex_config.xml
> Information:Loading configuration file D:\programming\flex\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.3\frameworks\flex-config.xml
> Information:Loading configuration file F:\work\programming\contextshop\proj_files\Admin_temp_flex_config.xml
> Information:Compilation completed with 1 error and 0 warnings
> Information:1 error
> Information:0 warnings
> F:\work\programming\contextshop\flex\admin\src\Admin.mxml
>     Error:Error:Unable to locate specified base class 'mx.core.WindowedApplication' for component class 'Admin'.
> ]]>

Here the code of Admin.mxml


I have select all libraries from flex sdk directory (only for player 10)

What should i do to be able comiple air appplication?

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I'm having the same problem. However, I do use an Adobe AIR SDK. Here is my configuration:
- IDEA 9.0 beta (build# 90.193)
- Adobe Flex 4 SDK
- Adobe AIR 2 SDK (simply unzipped it at the root folder of the Flex SDK)
Maybe IDEA does not support these recent SDKs from Adobe?
I get the error when trying to compile the generated Hello World application.
Thank you very much in advance,


Hello Geffroy,

IDEA should understand AIR 2.0beta SDK. Make sure that you haven't removed  <Flex SDK>frameworks/libs/air/airframework.swc file. AIR 2.0beta SDK doesn't contain it, but Flex SDK 4 does.
Do you use AIR SDK in terms of IDEA for your Flex module (or facet)? Please see http://blogs.jetbrains.com/idea/2009/05/air-applications-development-in-intellij-idea-9/ Information is a bit outdated there, because AIR run configuration is now separate from Flex one but general things remained the same, so I hope it will help.
If not - please provide some details:
- Full contents of Messages tool window after unsuccessful compilation (invoke compilation by using Build -> Rebuild Project)

- Screenshot of AIR SDK configured in IDEA (its Classpath tab)
- Screenshot of Dependencies tab and Flex Compiler Settings tab of your Flex module (or Flex facet configuration page)


Hello Alexander,
Thank you very much for your quick reply. Yes, my "airframework.swc" had disappeared. I'm sorry, I did not notice it. It's working now. I'll now further investigate and test the Flex support.
Best regards,


Hello Alexander,

I did many tests and everything seems OK. However, I noticed that the following construct is not recognized yet:

<s:WindowedApplication xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"
  showStatusBar="false" backgroundAlpha="0.0">
[...Code removed...]

  <fx:DesignLayer d:id="26" ai:objID="4723ef00" d:userLabel="sombra fondo">
    <!-- Here, graphics:BackgroundImage refers to an FXG file inside assets/graphics -->
    <graphics:BackgroundImage  resizeMode="scale" percentHeight="100" left="3" top="54" right="3"  bottom="3"/>

[...Code removed...]

Idea signals that "Element graphics is not allowed there"...The code compiles and runs well, this is only a small inconvenience. Maybe there is a workaround in Idea's configuration?
Best regards,

You are right, FXG is not supported yet.
An issue is welcome: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net


Hello Alexander,
Do you have news about the FXG support ? I see nothing about this. Maybe you have a roadmap about this topic ?
Thank you very much in advance,


I don't have an answer just now,
please open an issue and watch for progress.


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