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Hello all,

Is there some way to automatically update IDEA? Kind of like check for updates->download and install. I think Eclipse does this, but maybe they have it easier being based on plugins?

Every now and then when I update the tool I always seem to need to redo the settings. Updating without reinstall would be nice.

Thanks for any replies,

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Upon the first launch after installing IDEA 9 (as with earlier versions) you're given the option of importing your previous settings.

I usually start from scratch, just 'cause I like a clean slate, though it is quite a lot of work. It also induces me to go through all of the options, which helps to refamiliarize me with the old capabilities as well as introduce me to the new ones.

Randall Schulz

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And to add to your post, when you are uninstalling the older version make sure to not check the two checkboxes of clearing out the plugins and cache and what not...that way when you just install the new version, your settings get carried over if I am not mistaken.


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