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For some odd reason my whole project structure was deleted. When I look to the size of my local hostory, I assume the data is still in there.
Is there any way to recover my files.
(recreating the project on the same location does not help :-( .

Any help is greatly appreciated !!


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This was one of the scariest days of my life.

I succeeded to recover the files via Local history.

For the sake of other peaple that have the same problem, here is how I did it.

1) take a copy of local history files
From the moment you see that all your files are gone (I dedected this whan I could not find my ipr file anymore in de open 'project window'), take immediately a copy of the local hostory files and put them somewhere safe.
They are located in the user home directory .IntelliJIdea90\system\LocalHistory\pnoba8e3540 (You'll have to ook carefylly you pick the right one; mostly the directory name contains a part of your project name)

2) delete everyting what has left (if any) in you project directory and create a new ipr project from scrats. (make sure the name and directory are exactly the same as before)
Note that the Show History WILL NOT WORK when you do not do this (I did try to recover files via an Undelete tool). When you leave the files there, Local History will 'forget' all history before project creation for some reason...

3) looking back to the .IntelliJIdea90\system\LocalHistory\ directory you might see that a new directory did appear (in my case pno8e3540).

4) close IDEA completely

5) copy the original localhistory files in the new local history directory and start IDEA

6) right click on the root of your project node and go to Local History | Show History

7) if everyting goes wel you shoud see now the complete history (and you migt als see from when it went wrong). (In my case I saw that an 'external' change was the cause...I'm still investigating which process did delete my files...)


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