Cann't run Adobe AIR application in IDEA 9 linux

I created simple air project in IDEA. The application compiles and starts successfully from command line. But I cann't run application from IDEA because it tries to use mac runtime,  not linux

<flexsdk>/bin/adl -runtime <flexsdk>/runtimes/air/mac <project dir>/src/air-app.xml <project dir>/out/production/airapp
Runtime not found (No such file or directory)

Process finished with exit code 3

Why does IDEA put <flexsdk>/runtimes/air/mac in command line instead <flexsdk>/runtimes/air/linux on linux system ? Is it a bug?

OS: Debian linux 64bit
Intellij IDEA build #IU 90.193
Adobe AIR 1.5.2

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Fixed, thanks,
generally speaking "-runtime" parameter is not needed at all because adl knows default runtime location itself.


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