Remote WebSphere 6.1 server with IDEA 8?

I'm trying to setup a Run/Debug configuration using IDEA 8 with WebSphere 6.1.

To be specific: I am running IDEA on OS X with WebSphere running on a Windows XP machine sitting next to my Mac. I have mapped the WebSphere directory to my Mac and used the following setup:
Username: root
Password: root (seems to be the default)
Cell: WINDEVNode01Cell
Node: WINDEVNode01
Server: server1
SOAP Port: 8880

Remote Connection Settings:
Host: [WINDEV's IP]
Port: 9080

When I click "Test Connection" I simply get a dialog box that says "Cannot connect".

Is there any way to get IDEA to be more verbose with that error? I've tested that the ports (8880 and 9080) are open (by telneting to them) on the Windows XP box. Is there some log file somewhere?

Is the username/password the same as is used to login to websphere's web admin console?


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Oh, how I just love IBM.

I was starting websphere from the command line via Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\bin\startServer.bat server1

On a whim I started WebSphere via the Start Menu: Start -> Programs -> IBM WebSphere -> Application Server - Express V6.1 -> Profiles -> AppSrv01 -> Start the server

and now I can connect!

(Amusingly enough, the Start the server menu item just calls startServer.bat server1)


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