Thanks JBs


Sometime ago, last year, I tried out the EAP builds (657....). I remember thinking that it showed promise, but it was just to flaky for me to do anything with it, so I went back to 3.0.5 and got on with work.

Today, I downloaded 1159.

Today, I examined by bank account to see if I afford a license for IntelliJ 4.0.

The quality, the feel and basically the whole package is astounding. I understand that I wasn't active in feeding back bug reports, or participating that much in the whole EAP thing, but I just wanted to say that my hat goes off to all JBs and to all EAPer's for all the bug testing, new features, helpful suggestions and all the rest of the stuff that goes with developing software that will be used by a lot of developers (a very critical bunch of people if ever I saw one - always looking for perfection :) ).

I will certainly be "developing with pleasure" soon. And if I may I'll add another adjective between "with" and "pleasure." Something like utmost, or extreme, or total, or....


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