Build project from pom.xml

Sorry if this has already been answered, but after two days of searching I'm unable to find anything...  My co-worker uses maven and eclipse... he gave me a "pom.xml" file and said I should be good to go...  I tried to create a project out of it and it seemed to work, but I didn't have any files in my project when it was done...  My co-worker was able to run the maven command "mvn eclipse:eclipse" and he had an eclipse project... can I do the same with/for Intellij?  Again sorry I know this seems like such a simple/beginner question,but I'm flailing pretty bad...




IDEA can directly "open" a pom.xml Maven descriptor.

However, in that case, only a temporary project is created.
If you want to create a (persistent) IDEA project from a pom.xml, you can use "mvn idea:idea".

However, it's *much* easier to use File->New Project->Open from external model->Maven.


What do you mean by "temporary project"?

Opening 'pom.xml' is the same as using  File->New Project->Open from external model->Maven, only you have a fewer options, in most cases unnecessary.


Both of you... thanks for helping.  I apolagize... It was something wrong on my end with regard to my project.  Nothing to do with IntelliJ.

thanks for helping,



Hi Anton,

If I remember correctly, opening a pom.xml (at least in prior versions
of IDEA, perhaps 7?) would create a temporary .iml project structure.

I'm probably wrong though - I've never used that specific feature much,
instead I always use "New project->from existing model->Maven.



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