Newbie: How to get quick JDK Documentation (Shift F1) under OS X10.6.2 ?


as the subjects says: I don't know how to get the Online Documentation of the JDK if I highlight a Keyword. In the Jetbrain docs they say Shift-F1, but no matter how hard I press these keys, the Browser won't start

In the View Menu, "External Documentation" is grayed out. In the Project Structure Window, the SDK 1.6 is correctly entered and the JavaDoc path is set to:

  • jar:///System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home/appledocs.jar!/appledoc/api

Certainly this has to be something stupid simple, I guess ...

I am using the latest Idea 8.1.4

Thx in advance.



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IDEA doesn't open external browser because documentation files are in archive (appledocs.jar). You may extract them and add a simple folder as documentation path for SDK.
But it's easier just to press Ctrl+J (Ctrl+Q on Windows) and to see quick documentation popup. In this case it doesn't matter how docs are configured.

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I extracted the JDK documentation into

  • file:///System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home/docs

and accordingly changed the JavaDoc Paths setting inside Project settings but still no go.
The "View => External Documentation" field is still grayed out. I restarted the IDE a few times but it's the same.

So what's the trigger for this field not to be grayed out ?

Best regards,

Daniel Schnell.

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Make sure that JavaDoc Path for your JDK inside Project settings points to the root folder of javadocs themselves (it is usually called 'api' and it is the root folder for folders 'java' , 'javax', 'org' etc.).
Make sure that cursor is at some class/method name from JDK.


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