Unable to download/install/update plugins (Windows XP w/ IntelliJ8.1+)

I have not been able to download and install or update any plugins for IntelliJ.  I took the following steps:

     File->Settings->Plugins->Available tab->Right-click on "SQL Query Plugin"->Download and Install

I get the following error message:

Plugin SQL Query Plugin was not installed: C:\Documents and Settings\nhat\.IntelliJIdea90\system\plugins\pluginManager?action=download&id=SQL+Query+Plugin&build=IU-90.193 (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)

I'm running a clean Windows XP with a fresh install of IntelliJ.  I have tried the 3 latest ultimate versions: 8.1.4, 90.193, & 92.24
The same errors occurs regardless of if I download&install or update a plugin.  The "SQL Query Plugin" is one of the most popular plugin, so I do not see that as a potential issue; but, I have tried other plugins as well.  I did not find any file with the name "pluginManager" in "C:\Documents and Settings\nhat\.IntelliJIdea90\system\plugins", can that be an issue? The only other possible issue I can think of is the spaces in the path shown in the error.

Also, is there a way I can turn on logging to track down this problem?



Looks like a database problem at jetbrains.

http://plugins.intellij.net/ gives me

"Error occurred:
Table 'jb_updates' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

Script file: /index.php
Class: DBI; Method: query; Line: 66."

[edit] plugins.intellij.net is now online again and plugin installation works for me [/edit]



Problem is solved (@ 20 nov 14:30 MET)


Fix confirmed!! Thanks, I can install plugins now.


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