Intellij Idea and TDD


I'm run my tests very often. Almost every time I make little changes. So when I at Eclipse, Automated build heps me run all my unit tests in microseconds.
But with Idea every time I start running my tests it takes 4-6 seconds. To me it is very slow.

If there any suggestions on how can I improve tests running in Idea ?


possible cause: Settings->Compiler->Validation


All validators turn off


network drives? anti-virus software? defragment HDD?

what step exactly is slow - 'make' or starting the unit-tests?


AV would have my vote, except he reports it works much quicker from Eclipse which would not be the case if it were AV software (unless of course he's comparing Eclipse on one machine with IntelliJ on another and the machines have different AV software on them).
Many AV kits will scan inside jars and scan every file being loaded, which in case of Java libraries can take a lot of time as those often consist of a very large number of small files existing inside jars.
Each needs to be extracted by the AV tool, scanned, and released before the JVM itself extracts it again and loads it.


When I turn off make - all test run extremely fast! But changes in my files not affect those tests.
Seesm make so slow.
I'm in Ubuntu.

The problem not in HDD, CPU and so on.


I'm encountering the same problem. Did you find a solution how to solve it ?


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