Select Path dialog - default folder

I sometimes find it quite annoying when selecting a folder using the Select Path dialog - the default folder is somewhere totally different to where I expect it to be, or to where is useful.

For example, I selected an external library using the dialog. The next thing I did was to add a new module. However, the dialog defaulted to the location of the external library, far away from the location of most of my project files.
So I had to browse manually to the location of my project files.

I'm not sure what the best solution is. But the current behaviour - which seems to be simply a global "last folder" - can be quite frustrating, and not particularly useful.

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There's a neat IntelliJ icon in that dialog that will take you to the root of your project. I use it quite often.

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cheers for that,
never used it .. but it's real handy now :)



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