IDEA 9/8.1.3 doesn't response to keyboard on Ubuntu 9.10.


After I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10, I am getting a weird keyboard issue on IDEA 8.1.3. The same thing happens to version 9. After I started IDEA and move the window focus to another application and then come back to IDEA, the editor would not response to keyboard press.

Does anyone else have the same problem?


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Hi Kenny,
this problem was already discussed some time ago here:

and there is also a bug ticket here:

As far as I know, the problem is very often related to other applications with at least one window that is set to stay "always on top".
Please give it a try. If you still have trouble, please contribute to the bug report and/or the mentioned forum thread, so the discussion takes place in a single place.
I still think that this problem should be adressed because sometimes it is useful to have other windows always on top. But I'm not sure wether Jetbrains has
already done something in this regard.


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I have SCIM installed. I will uninstall it and try again.

Thanks for your help!


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