New Module from SVN?


I'm switching from eclipse to intelliJ and I'm having a little trouble with svn.
I realize that the "idea way" is different than the eclipse workspace model, however, I still want to do something a little funky....

Essentially, I have a project with multiple maven modules and the project is in a single svn repo.
So far, so good.

Now, I have a project previously created in eclipse in a separate repo url. This is just a tiny little common library with some utility classes in it.
I need to be able to develop this library along with the other project and it seems pretty strange to have to create an entirely separate idea project for it and keep 2 idea windows open all the time.

What I'd like to do is checkout the library project as a module within the other project (keeping the svn trees separate.

Is this possible?  What's the "correct" way to handle this is idea?


- Jonathan


So I figured out how to get what I wanted, still not sure if it's "acceptable".

Essentially, in my project I created a new maven module.
Then using the command line svn client, I checked out the svn project i wanted into that new module folder.
Now my project points at one svn url and my "special" module points at another, and in idea it all looks like one tree.


why did you use command line svn client?
idea has integrated svn plugin

Menu->Version Control->Checkout from version control->Subversion
then you are to choose svn url and folder where to checkout into


Maybe I'm missing something, but when i use the idea plugin, it wants the checkout to be a new project.
Even if I tell it to check out into a folder within an existing project, it doesn't give me the option to make it a proper module and it just shows up a a plain folder.

Maybe I can convert a folder to a module, but I'm not sure how to do that yet.


This is not possible at the moment - I opened a ticket for this five months ago:

Feel free to vote for it ;-)
But you could've used the integrated VCS tools nonetheless - you just have to say "No", when IDEA asks wether you want to create new project.
Afterwards, you can create a new module from the existing sources. Not very convenient but it is possible.



Thanks, voted for it.

Also, the svn project i was checking out was not an idea project or module as it was previously created in eclipse.
svn checkout should give you the same options as New Module so I could have just let it checkout and then auto-create a module from the eclipse .project file.

So far I'm liking idea, but I have to say the subversive plugin for eclipse is waaaaaaaay better for svn stuff.


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