quicker webapp live deploy (similar to eclipse sysdeo tomcat plugin)


my colleagues are using Eclipse and Sysdeo Tomcat plugin. I am using jetty plugin and am deploying on frame-deactivation. What I noticed is that when working with sysdeo-plugin the delay between saving files and seeing the result on the browser is much quicker (10 seconds vs. 500ms). I am using jetty plugin.

Is there a way to achieve similar quick feedback with IntelliJ and the jetty or tomcat plugins? Maybe I missed some speeding settings?


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finally with latest idea-IU-.9.0 now i managed to get both class and jsp reloading to work.

i use the local debugging feature now from tomcat plugin. no jetty plugin for 9.0 available so far so i will use tomcat for now.

basically it is:

1) setting the JPDA_ADDRESS and JPDA_TRANSPORT as env-vars.
2) go for tomcat debug, switch on passing env-vars
3) enter the remote port (matching the env var JPDA_ADDRESS)
4) now after using this new (blue) reload button from idea-9.0 or Strg+F10, changes from JSPs and classes are propagated after a short time.

jsp reloading can make problems (due to a tomcat bug). to resolve this see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/904877/tomcat-6-hot-deploy-issue


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