Error creating bean with name 'messageSource' - What's wrong?

I just started using IntelliJ 9 beta.  I have an existing, but small grails application that I am trying to get running in IntelliJ.  When I start the app, it compiles, but then it gets the error in the subject line.  I've read somewhere that perhaps this is a problem with Hibernate.  But I have no idea where to look.  Shouldn't the latest version of IntelliJ already have a version of Hibernate that works right?  Where is it looking for the libraries, in IntelliJ directories or my Grails installation?

BTW, I'm using Grails 1.1.1.

Please help me figure out what is happening.

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Hi Andrew,

Did you already check if the application runs without IntelliJ (ie from the command line). What happens when you do a 'grails clean', followed by a 'grails run-app' on the command line? Does the error message still popup?

Kind regards,

Erik Pragt

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Hello Erik,

I cleaned off the IntelliJ instance and started over.  It worked the second time through.  So who knows what happened...Thanks for checking.


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