IDEA community edition - How to import Eclipse code templates and formatters?

I have been using Eclipse IDE (the basic one without any J2EE or other plugin stuff) for about 5 years now. I recently downloaded the community edition of IntelliJ IDEA (9.0 Beta) and have been playing with it. Has been good so far, although i haven't got used to the shortcut key combinations (i am aware that there's Eclipse Key-mapping i can use, but it's causing some other issue which i'll try to figure out later). Anyway, what i am looking for currently is, a way to import my Eclipse "code templates" and "formatters" into IDEA. Searching around, i found that there's a External Code Formatter Plugin which can do this However, there are a couple of issues i am running into:

1) First i used the "Plugins" settings within the IDE, to install this plugin. It downloaded the plugin, installed it and asked me to shutdown IDEA. I did that. I then restarted IDEA and it failed to start, complaining with some exception. I had to manually remove this plugin from the IDEA_HOME/.../plugins folder to be able to load IDEA again.

2) I figured that this might be some issue within the plugin, so decided to manually download the plugin from that link. I used the latest 1.0.3 which admittedly is for 8.0 version of IDEA. Copied it over to the plugins folder and was able to see this in the "Installed" plugins sections, but with a message saying that it's not compatible with this IDEA community version.

So is there a way, i can use this plugin or some other plugin with the community editiion so that my migration to IDEA is less cumbersome w.r.t the code templates/formatters?

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Thanks to Esko, a new version 1.0.4 of the plugin, compatible with IDEA 9, has been made available


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