Question about Run Configuration per Module

I would like to have a precision about the way "run configuration" are saved and what each configuration contains.
For instance, with build 1141, it looks like that the "Make module before running/debugging/reloading" is not per configuration, but global per PROJECT.
I definetly would appreciate to make it per CONFIGURATION.

This is more important now, from my point of view, that project are composed of modules of different natures.

Furthemore, Default configuration could be extended to Module :
One default Run configuration per Project which could be overidden per Module...

Now to extends this a little further, the association of ANT target with Run/Debug could be configurable per Module. It is effectivly possible to associate them per "run configuration" which give me the ultimate flexibility, but it would ease my job if I could set it per module. That way each of my new JUNIT TestCase for my EJB/JDO project could be automatically enhanced through ANT and my util TestCase just build by IDEA.

thank you

If this topic has already been discuss please just refer me to the posts, I have not found any answering my question so far.

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