auto importing classes

When I use a class thats not imported, Intellij intelligently tells me that I need a certain class through a tiny box.

But how the heck do I actually import the class?

It's driving me crazy! I can't click on it. Nothing happesn.

I am using 7.04

Thanks / Moe

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You can accept these "suggestions" by typing ALT+<Enter>.

Randall Schulz

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Thanks.. That was the correct answer

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You may also be interested in the Add unambigous imports on the fly option:

File->Settings->Code Sytle->Imports->Add unambigous imports on the fly checkbox

In general alt-enter is your friend when using intelliJ. It is basiclaly the Intention completion keystroke. If you use the right arrow on the intention popup you get more options. The most helpful being the ability to fix all the problems found by that particular intention.


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