Cannot deploy webapp to Glassfish

I am trying to deploy my webapp to Glassfish 2.1 running within IDEA 8.1.3 and having no luck doing so.

If I deploy using an exploded dir, the app never deploys (or at least, after 15min, I'm giving up)
If I deploy using a war file, the app deploys after about 3min, but does not work

In either case, there's no logging to indicate what's going on

I am able to run my webapp in Glassfish running outside IDEA without problems (running as a service in WinXP - the service is not running when I'm trying to use IDEA to deploy)

The reason I'm trying to run within IDEA is because, when remote debugging, my breakpoints are not lining up with the actual code so, effectively, debugging is broken.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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