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I am more than a little fed up with Hibernate's bugs and quirks.
Currently I am looking at iBatis as an alternative.

Maybe you can help me a little in that decision:
- How does the IDEA iBatis plug-in score? Does it support dynamic queries (e.g. code completion in a where clause contained in a <where>? Will there be a version supporting iBatis 3 soon?
  I really don't want to give up the great support for SQL/HQL that IDEA offers out of the box.
- Are people (still) using iBatis it on new projects? Seems to be there was little talk about it in the one or two years
- Any recommended alternatives?


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Hi Stephen, I am the author of iBATIS plugin(http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?id=1487). Now I am reading the source code of Community Edition, and I will redesign the iBATIS plugin. SQL support will been integrated with plugin. iBATIS 3.0 will be supported too. I can not give you the detail schedule.


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