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So, I built a basic GUI app.  I will say, it was pretty sweet.  Then I went to run it outside of the IDE using our standard build process.  Failed.  Having a general understanding of these things, I figured I was missing an intellij jar.  So, after some digging, it looks like I actually need to do some tinkering with the class files...

I'm not really excited about that in the first place, however, even if I loved it, I can't find any info on how to do it.  What's really frustrating is its like a secret...

"The bundled Ant task supports byte-code instrumentation techniques for compiling IntelliJ IDEA GUI forms."

Great.  *What* bundled ant task?  "The"?  I've been looking around for a good 20 minutes.  In the help files, on google, etc.

So, I switched the settings to put the code in Java instead of binary.  Created a new form.  Looks exactly the same.

So, anyway, some help here.  I have no idea what to do and I feel like I'm blowing the day on what should be pretty obvious.

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IIRC there is a javac2 ant task defined  by IDEA that will do the instrumentation.

Try generating an ant build for your project, it will appear in it.

Related to the instrumentation itself, i was a bit reluctant at the beginning too, but after some thinking about it, I believe it's the ONLY way to do some GUI tool that really makes sense : completely separate the IDE generated artifacts and the Human written code, using some nice interfaces in between (aka the members of the generated Form class that expose the components you're interested in)

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You can find the additional GUI library and the ant task in the ${idea.home}/redist directory.


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