subversion: integrating branches, merging new files

hi can well integrate changes of files which exist in both branches, but am having problems to merge files which were newly created in the source branch.

currently i really do not know how to integrate them with idea, all comparisons and integration attempts end up that the files are grayed out and any integration actions aren't possible. i really do not want to create these files all manually and fiddle around with copy/branch of new files :(

see file attachement, certain commits are greyed out (i marked them red). actually these are entries, where files got added. generally this is a showstopper to use the repository changes-tool-window for merging branches :(. maybe this has been resolved in idea 9?

currently i do a nasty workaround (using the context-menu 'Subversion->Integrate directory...' for doing the merge). the very bad thing is that idea does not track the merge property field inside svn history (it is empty when going this way).

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After working some time I managed to simplify my problem and make it reproducible. I filed an issue:

Unfortunately this is a showstopper for subversion merging feature of idea. Let's hope it gets resolved asap...


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