subversion merge process: button for 'integrate all non-integrated changes' available?

First of all thanks for the best svn IDE merge/integrate feature I know of (using Eclipse for that was always a horror...).

Anyway one question:
At and subversion topic 'Integrating Changes to branch' I see how merging between branches works. For that I have to go through all unintegrated changes manually (red minus items) and integrate (multiple selection of change-items does not work all the time).

Still in some cases (e.g. merging back bug-fixes from release branch) I want to integrate ALL unintegrated changes and not iterating myself through all the changes.

Is there a magic button (e.g. integrate all branch changes) or did I overlook an option? Maybe IDEA offers this in version 9?

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well.... i must revert my state, that subversion integration is good. today i found out that merge errors were performed (there were major problems with moved and new created files). a shame, usually the tool plugins of idea are always good.... besides very annoying because scm support is quite a core thing when developing software.


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