Issues with custom ElVariablesProvider


I'm experiencing issues with implementation of custom ElVariablesProvider. My goal was following

There's custom tag providing id and beanclass attributes. The tag creates bean in request scope
My intention was to make those beans appear as implicit EL variables. So i used following code similar to one found in SpringMVC plugin.

As a result i can see my variables in implicit EL variables list, but when i try to call auto complete after dot with Ctrl+Space hotkey,
IDEA tells me that there's no suggestions, although there are setters in my class.

Please note: I know about comment annotations and able to use them. But my goals are bit different
Also the logic of processing my custom tags are quite complicated, so i do need ElVariablesProvider.
Another strange problem is that this functionality was working in previous versions of the plugin. I was trying to rollback sources but had not luck.*

I'm using IDEA 8.1.3 and Plugin JDK 8.1 for JDK 15 (this version is only available on site)

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