Debugger still has problems in 1128

This tracker was fixed in 1120, but I'm still getting the same behavior.

Evaluation is still useless in this build (inc. alt collection views, and toString() evals).

Also, even with all evaluations turned off, the debugger still gets in a bad state sometimes. After debugging my app for 2 minutes, I stopped at a breakpoint. I think this was my second or third breakpoint. I switched to another file and edited that file, though I didn't recompile. I moved back to the current execution point and hit resume. The debugger tab looked like it had resumed, but my app didn't appear to resume (it didn't repaint). I paused, and selected the event dispatch thread, and saw that it was still stuck on the line with the breakpoint. I tried to step over it, but the step never finished, so I paused again. I tried playing with the "Stop all threads while stepping" option while I resumed and paused, but that didn't make a difference. The application just never resumed.

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