slow idea with large project


Our project uses maven
There are multiple modules in our project and multiple libraries generated by each module.
when we create an idea project for this using maven we get iml files in each module.
We loaded this ipr in idea but when this happens idea becomes prohibitively slow - looks like it always tries to analyze files and jars
This makes it unusable.

The workaround that we use for now is to create iml for individual modules and update them with the library orderEntries from the iml in jar folder of the module.
This way we are able to add modules to an empty project and worh with modules
Later for a related module we modified the iml to with an orderEntry for pointing to the other module.

but this limits us in refactoring in over all available modules and also we end up updating iml each time we build - debugger misses updates to jars

If there are some ideas on any of the points in the story above. Or is the story is not understood at all, please get back.


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