Trying to run "Hello Flex" does not open a browser

When I follow along with the Hello Flex online demo (at jetbrains), Firefox does not open when I right click inside the Hello World MXML code and click Run Flex.

Instead, I get taken to an Adobe site called: "Adobe Device Central", which looks like a flex demo site.

In any case, I do not see the Flex output "Hello World".

I made sure I had the Flash player installed (version 10), but can't see why the browser doesn't open to display the simple program.

Any ideas what's wrong?


- Mike

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Haven't seen this behavior before. Are you able to open SWF file just from the browser? (It is usually located in <project root>/out/production/<module name>/). Looks like Flash player redirects you to another url, but I don't know why. If you also have no ideas please provide:
- IDEA version
- a screenshot with run configuration that is automatically created when you run Flex
- an URL you are redirected to

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Hi Alexander,

The problem turned out to be an incorrect file association on the MacBook Pro.

For "whatever" reason, "SWF" was associated with that Adobe site, not the browser.

When I changed SWF to be associated with Firefox, it worked fine.

In any case, it's fixed now.


- M


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