Can I "re-import" just one maven module?


I'm working on a project with 50+ maven modules.

Whenever I update a dependency in the pom (x.y.z -> x.y.z+1) IntelliJ tells me the pom is changed and the "re-import" button appears.

However, this re-imports all the maven module (and takes a while)... is there a way to just re-import one maven module ?


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Hi, Steve,

Please try 9.0 eap, it has actions for individual project import. Moreover, it does improting automatically in background and I would appreciate any feedback on it.

Anton Makeev

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Edit: I posted this in the wrong forum.  Also, I think the second poster in the below thread is on to something.  I'll go back to Windows for a week and see if it helps.

I've been trying out 9.0 EAP for a little while now.  I like the way importing happens in the background.  Overall It seems to work pretty good, but there's something that I can't quite put my finger on that I find frustrating.  I'll try to explain it.  Whenever I modify a pom.xml file (even whitespace) the change gets noticed a couple seconds after I stop input.  I'm not sure if it's the project getting re-imported or dependency resolution or something else, but the UI becomes unresponsive for a few seconds (like something that shouldn't be is executing on the EDT).  It's only a few seconds, but it can be annoying when I'm trying to make a bunch of changes at once.

I'm not convinced it's something to do with the Maven enhancements though.  I see the same thing with a (Flex) .mxml file that I have with an inspection error.  The inspection error is the result of a missing dependency that I haven't gotten around to fixing.  The UI stops responding for much longer when that file is being processed and it's little more than a HelloWorld example.  I'm using 64bit Linux if that makes a difference.  I'll post again if I notice anything that would be more helpful than my 'something is slow somewhere' post ;-)

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Hi, Ryan,

I have improved automatic Maven resolve/import so it won't run unnecessarily, please try the latest eap and let me know if you still have any performance issuea or UI blockings.

Antion Makeev

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Thank you for the reply.  The maven support is looking fantastic so far.  I can grab a superpom from my vcs and be coding in minutes which is very impressive.

I switched back to windows today and updated to build 10633.  I believe I'm experiencing this bug:

I commented on the bug and added it to my watches.  Let me know if you'd like any more info.

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Hi Anton,

I gave EAP 10762 a try for a week and I was very impressed by the maven integration!!! You've done a super job.

Unfortunately for me, EAP 10762 is totalled screwed up with svn 1.6 so I was forced to drop back to 8.1.3 for now.

The maven integration is very nice, although I have one comment: the way that maven automatically re-imports in the background can sometimes be annoying if I need to modify 2 dependencies in a pom, or if I need to modify more than one pom (in a "chain", as often happens). It might be nice to configure a longer timeout on this...


Anton - If you're interested, here are a list of my maven issues that I have with 8.1.3. They are mostly resolved in Maia. We're using a really big maven project (100+ modules, with dependency layers going 5 or 6 deep).

-- My Maven issues from 8.1.3 --
1. ability to re-important just one module (FIXED)
2. the debugger should step to the correct module in the project tree when debugging (somewhat fixed ?)
3. sometimes maven library dependencies become broken (haven't seen this issue in Maia)
4. the maven target "release" does not appear in lifecycle (might be nice to add it ?)
5. in a pom, control clicking a hyperlink navigates to another pom where hyperlinks are not available (FIXED)
6. non-module nested projects can only be sorted by description (it might be nice to be able to sort by <artifactId> as well)
7. it would be nice with a maven dependency graph (fixed, very nice... but it doesn't show duplicate dependencies...)

by duplicate dependency I mean like this

pom.xml (a)
a -> b
a -> c

pom.xml (b)
b -> d-1.0.1

pom.xml (c)
c -> d-1.0.2

see how there are different dependency paths which lead to both d-1.0.1 and d-1.0.2... unfortunately these are quite common in big systems and it would be nice to be able to easily identify them so that they can be sorted out.

once again thanks Anton for the great maven improvements, I am very much looking forward to Maia.


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