How to specify the line length limit ?


My question is certainly easy to answer but i cannot find the answer on the net nor in the help...

The default limit is not adapted with my screen.

I want edit the character limit of a line but i didn't found any settings to edit that option :s

I think it's linked, but i also want to edit the vertical line displayed in the editor.

Someone knows how to do that ?

Thank you very much


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It's not entirely clear what you want, but the right margin for editing windows is set in the General sub subsection of the Code Style section / header of the Project Settings.

What this value is used for depends on other settings. E.g., it can be used to wrap long lines when you use the Code (menu) -> Reformat Code... command.

Randall Schulz

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Yes, it's exactly what i needed

With the search box in the settings, i find the good option ("right margin"). Before, i didn't see this option because i haven't scrolled quite long

Thank you very much.


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