Path settings UI

The UI for path settings (Project Settings > Paths, Paths tab) is looking
nice in build 1122, but there are still a few important problems with it:

  • There is no way (that I can find) to collapse the list of folders inside a

particular content root. This is problematic when you have multiple
content roots.

  • It is impossible to navigate through the content roots with the keyboard.

  • There is no way to add modules or content roots with the keyboard.

  • There is no way to mark folders inside a content root as having a

particular type (i.e. a source folder or a test folder) with the keyboard.

The last two should be easy to fix: just add a mnemonic to each of the
buttons. The first two would not be a problem if a standard Swing JTree was
used instead of the custom component that's there now. Are there any SCRs
for any of these things?

I like the thoughts behind this UI; it just needs a bit more work to be perfect.

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Please submit the SCRs


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