IntelliJ 9 M1 Likes

9 has some very good small features in it that I am really liking. These just add to an already great IDE. Things I am liking after using M1 for a few days:

1) The folding of the generic types on the left side of the expresion, small change but makes the code more readable!
2) Background indexing, very nice! I like being able to look around the code while waiting for the index to complete.
3) Highlighting public methods that aren't used anywhere in the code. Already been very useful to find a couple of dead methods. (small caveat: this could be slightly un-useful if you have code that is meant to be used as an API, might be a good chance that a lot of the public methods aren't called in your code as they are intended to be called by someone else. Overall, however, this is a great feature.)
4) Making it easy to exclude classes from auto-import, really liking this. (you could do this before but had to go through settings)

I know there were a couple of more but can't think of them right now.

I am looking forward to trying out the tapestry support but haven't used it yet.

Great job Jetbrains!

Now, can you please re-combine the Settings and Project Structure menu items? Pretty please! :-)

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