IntelliJ IDEA Community reorganization

Hello JetBrains Community Members!

We would like to notify you about the changes we plan to introduce in
the structure of IntelliJ IDEA community forums.

First of all, it is important to note that collaboration with you in the
forums and newsgroups is extremely important for us. We value your input
in any form: questions and answers, suggestions and rumbles. It all
generates the positive outcome in the end and helps making JetBrains
products better.

We want the community to remain live and evolving. Live means changes,
so we are going to make some changes.

Some of the communities such as 'Documentation', 'J2EE (EAP)' and 'UI
Designer (EAP)' are going to be merged into the main IntelliJ IDEA
Names of some forums will change, to help newcomers easily find the
right place to search for answers and ask questions.

We think these changes will make our community more logical and
convenient for everyone. And we are always open for constructive feedback.

During the transition we expect some possible downtime and chance of
broken links.
If you lost your track, just go to and start from the top.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,
-Eugene Toporov
JetBrains, s.r.o.

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