Grails Plugin Dependency (EAP Build 10762)

What do I need to do to cause my IDEA Grails app to recognize plugin dependencies? Should I manually add a module dependency in my app to include installed plugins? Or, should installing a custom plugin automatically add the module dependency? (In other words, I don't know if this is something a developer should handle or it should be handled as part of the install-plugin process.)

I just upgraded to Maia EAP Build 10762. After accepting the prompt to convert the project, all proceeded as expected. I had a little confusion about where the Module Settings menu item had moved to (it's on the Grails tool window), but otherwise things looked okay.

However,when I opened a GSP, I found my plug-in taglib reference was indicating an error even though the plug-in was shown as a module in the project. Just to ensure I had  a fresh state for all the artifacts, I opened the plug-in project (converting it to the new format), and rebuilt the plugin. I then uninstalled it from my test project and reinstalled it. Same error.

I found manually adding a module dependency to the installed plug-in module cleared the error, but I don't remember having to do that before. Also, it makes me wonder why I would have to do it for my custom plug-in, but not the default plug-ins included in a Grails app, like Hibernate.

It's late, so I'm sure I'm probably missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance.


PS. Note to JetBrains: The module trees listed in the Grails and Project tool windows often show duplicate trees. It's only by switching between views that the tree controls refresh to eliminate the duplicate module trees.

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There's a bug in that build with Grails module dependencies, it will be
fixed in the next EAP, thank you. These dependencies should be managed

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>> There's a bug in that build with Grails module dependencies, it will be fixed in the next EAP, thank you.

Thanks. I eagerly await the next EAP build.



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