maven bundle generation integration


I'm using idea since a few weeks and I am very excited about so many great features the IDE brought to me. I am using Maia M1 and investigating the OSGi features. I'm using the maven-bundle-plugin and the maven-scr-plugin. The bundle-plugin's settings are adopted by osmorc but the scr descriptor generation not. I am wondering why Osmorc tries to do its own thing. I can click "Use maven lifecycle x" instead of "Make" in my run configuration but Osmorc expects the bundles to be name "xxx.jar" instead of the maven output "xxx-1.0.jar".

Do I have to change some project settings so that the maven build process is better integrated into maia or is it a "lack" of osmorc<->maven interaction? I want maven to be my build tool and osmorc to automatically run the generated bundles in my run configuration. I probably misunderstand the concept of intellijidea/osmorc/maven integration, please help me :-)


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