Maia EAP 10666 vs Maia 9.0M1

I'm running 9.0M1 Build 10372. I see there's an IDEA "Maia" Build 10666 available as an EAP version. It's not a 9.0M2 release, so I'm not sure if Build 10666 is as stable as 9.0M1.

Should wait for an official 9.0M2 release or is 10666 what will be in M2? Will there even be an M2 release?

Sorry for the confusion.


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madjack, somewhere in these forums guys from IDEA claimed there won't be M2

if you interested in exact answer -> search forums

about stability
for me 10666 is more stable then M1
and also i saw some comments in this forums claiming 10666 is good

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See for the details on no M2 and no date for the first beta.

I was using M1 and waiting for M2, but did end up upgrading to 10666 after getting the above reply. I've been very happy with it so far. There were a lot of things broken with M1 that are fixed in 10666 as well as availability of new features. I can't say generally if you should upgrade as I don't know how many of the features/modules are working, but I'd recommend it if you are doing exactly what I am!



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