Maia #10762 is great


I was working with 8.1.3 and I did a try for Maia .I used it only during 20 minutes but what I can say from my personal usage (I work with Grails project):

  • Grails support is much better : unit testing, Grails View, refactoring works better, can import grails project
  • The shortcuts are (for me) intuitive . CTRL-TAB, ALT+ARROW... : the same behavior as other IDEs or other browsers. GOOODDD

Thank you very much and keep it like that



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I (and others) have mixed feelings. E.g. b10762 is completely unusable for me because I can neither edit complex xml nor launch my program using those:

Then, there are critical performance/usability issues in large projects when editing maven's pom.xml.

This is not to take away from all the great stuff in Maia.


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