IntelliJ button disappears from taskbar in gnome

Whenever some dialog pops up in IntelliJ, then the window button of IntelliJ 8.1.3 disappears from the taskbar in gnome in Ubuntu 9.04. It never comes back, unless I press the "show desktop" button. Is there any way to make the IntelliJ button remain visible all times?

I'm not sure if it's a bug from IntelliJ, or from Gnome or Java. IntelliJ is the only application I have where the button disappears though. Is it because it's a Java app and gnome can't handle Java apps well? Or is it IntelliJ itself that does something special to its window taskbar button? Has anyone else seen this problem?

Any solution is really appreciated, because this is very annoying, especially when working with multiple IntelliJ's and needing to switch between the two all the time.

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I have the same issue, also using Ubuntu 9.04. It has always been like that, don't know what the reason is. Very annoying indeed.


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