Settigs: Default vs. Classic

Out of curiosity, how many use the Classic view and how many
use the Default view for IDE & Project settings?

I think the Default View looks good but is not very usable. I
go through settings a lot faster with the Classic View.


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I tend to prefer the new default actually. My configuration dialog is
rather small, and looks clean when in its own window, but in classic, its
stretch out and HUGE.

For me is exactly the opposite. I can fit the whole classic on the
screen with only one scrollbar (the one of the switchpane).

When I switch to the new one, it has both horizontal and vertical
scrollbars and all I see is a patchwork of icons with disco-like square
tracing my mouse.

My screen resolution is 1024x768(laptop) and I definitely find classic
more usable.

-- dimiter


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